NAMMBA Announces Kamili Samms as the new President of the Los Angeles NAMMBA Chapter

Los Angeles, CA  March 17, 2021— The National Association of Minority Mortgage Bankers of America (NAMMBA) is proud to announce the leadership of Kamili Samms in the role of president for the LA Chapter. Ms. Samms has been with NAMMBA since the founding of the LA Chapter in 2019. Having served on the Education Committee and as Events Co-Chair, she is ready to take on NAMMBA’s mission of increasing diversity in the mortgage finance and real estate industry. 

The election of Samms signals that the chapter is ready to invest in leadership and professional growth for chapter members. Samms mission is to help current chapter members by expanding leadership roles and provide career growth strategies (soft skills, networking, etc).

“We need to do a ‘re-wire’ on career growth and what it means. It is not just about climbing a corporate ladder,” says Samms. “The mortgage and real estate industry are always changing. As an organization, NAMMBA  needs to help our members recognize that they have to constantly be improving their knowledge, skills, and leadership potential to keep up.”

Samms is also keen to expand the work being done to inspire students in historically underserved communities to take on a career in the mortgage industry. “Students in high school, community college and 4-year colleges all have great career opportunities in the mortgage & real estate industry. They need support and career guidance. That is what the NAMMBA LA chapter is here for.”

All of this falls in line with NAMMBA’s Mission 2025.

 Mission 2025’s goal is to engage 50K+ students in pursuing a career in the financial services industry by the year 2025. Fresh ideas and innovation are integral to the financial services industry, maintaining a workforce that reflects the largest demographic of growth market opportunity. For example, over the next five years, 75% of all first-time homebuyers will be women, millennials, and people of color. Purchase mortgage opportunity is not only growing, it’s changing. In 2020, the three largest minority borrower segments (Asian, Latino, and African-American) generated more than $292 billion of purchase opportunity. 

“We cannot achieve this mission without engaging both current students and our current members,” says Samms. “The reason I joined NAMMBA, instead of any other organization, was due to NAMMBA’s focus on celebrating the diversity and women in the real estate finance industry. Their commitment to increasing representation within the industry by reaching out to students in underserved communities is what has made my commitment to NAMMBA so strong. NAMMBA is working on the future, not just the present.” 

As president of NAMMBA, Los Angeles, Kamili Samms can leverage the Association's education, career development and resources for students and professionals. These resources align and support the strategic direction of the financial services industry to reflect the changing demographics of homeownership in the United States.

In addition, NAMMBA hosts the Talent Hub. NAMMBA’s digital platform connects college talent to the Real Estate Finance industry through education, mentoring, internships, and career opportunities. “This Talent Hub is going to be instrumental in showing students and current members what is possible for them and their careers,” says Samms. “ I can’t wait to get started on helping build stronger communities and expanding career expectations for both students and current NAMMBA members.”


The National Association of Minority Mortgage Bankers of America is a purpose-driven organization that is dedicated to the inclusion of minorities and women in the mortgage industry who are advocates for sustainable homeownership in local communities. To fulfill its mission, NAMMBA provides programs and initiatives to introduce minorities and women into the mortgage industry, including recruiting, advisory, networking and training for enterprises and individual professionals.

If you are interested in learning more about partnering with NAMMBA and gaining access to membership resources, please contact:

Meghan Heath
Chief Development Officer 

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